Category selection is the key to getting the best results in GovQuote. Since there are thousands of categories available, it is much easier to find the categories you are looking for by searching instead of browsing.

Here is an example:
Let's say I am a company looking to only receive requests for development software. Instead of attempting to sort through the many categories myself, I simply type "development software" into the search box and click the blue "Search" button.

(In this case, I am searching for a product category but the same functions would apply for service categories.)

The system automatically finds the ideal categories, saving me all the time and effort I would normally spend by sorting through them myself. Next, all I have to do is select the categories suggested and click the blue Save button to make sure the changes are applied.

Note: Since our system is based on UNSPSC code structure, sometimes you will have to get creative with wording to get the best results (e.g., "water purification equipment" instead of "water filtering equipment").

Take a look at this breakdown of our UNSPSC code structure to better understand how everything is categorized:

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