Once your categories are set up, open requests from agencies in those categories will appear under the Open Requests tab.

To view open request details:
In the left-hand navigation menu, click on Quotes & RFQs.
Click on the title of the request.

On this page, you may view more detailed information such as location, categories, and publishing status.

There are also options to send a quote, ask a question or share the request.

To view all open requests:
Click the My Categories filter on the top left of the All Open Requests page.
Click on All Categories.

Please note: This will allow you to see all current open requests on the platform per locations selected in your settings, regardless of category. For example, if you only have Texas selected you will only see all open requests from Texas, but you can use the Service or Delivery Area filter to change that.

To learn how to change your location settings, click here.
To learn how to send a quote, click here.
To learn how to ask the agency a question, click here.
To learn how to share the open request, click here.
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