To Share a Link to Your Organization's Current RFQs:
Click My Organization Requests on the top of the page
Select your request
Select the grey Share Request button
Highlight the link. Then copy and paste it into an email, on social media, or directly on your website

TIP: The most successful agencies on GovQuote take full advantage of the platform by adding a their customized link to their website. This makes it easier for vendors to find their open RFQs and quote online. This ensures the agency will always receive questions and quotes in one platform—avoiding those missed emails, missed phone calls, and missed opportunities.

To share your current Open Requests with vendors on your website:
Click on My Organization Requests
In the top right hand corner, select the three dots next to Create Request
Click Share Link

Plus, by introducing vetted businesses to the platform, you help all the other agencies benefit from these qualified, trusted companies. You also allow these vendors to receive free notifications about business opportunities with hundreds of agencies, including all of your agency's future requests. It’s a win-win-win!

Check out how these agencies have transitioned to eQuoting using GovQuote:

City of Miami
Florida International University
City of Beverly Hills
University of Louisville
City of Palm Coast
Marco Island
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